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Products | Heat Pump | Air-to-Water Heat Pump (5 kW up to 17,5 kW)

Operated with an outdoor unit, which transports heat from the air to the indoor heat exchange apparatus by the aid of liquid coolant. Exception – the models of 8,5 kW up to 17,5 kW. Their heat exchange apparatus set in the outdoor unit.

Is suitable for indoor area 60...300 m2 during the outdoor temperature is +12...-20°C. (The heat pump). Provides the best operational efficiency during the outdoor temperature +6°C and higher or in case of outdoor temperature -5...-15°C (when the air humidity becomes lower and the frosting becomes lower too due to the better heat exchanging.

The most efficient in case of under-floor heating (optimal inside coolant temperature = 30°C). In case of using of radiators the amount of their sections have to be enlarged for 10-40%.

Average efficiency: 1 kW of electric power produces 3 kW of heating power.

In case of outdoor temperature -15°С and lower some additional heating sources is recommended to keep comfortable temperature conditions.

Allowing to cool apartments during hot summer season. The under-floor coolant temperature must not be lower 17-18°С – to avoid condensed moisture (in case of radiators some collectors for moisture or fan coil are required.

Models: BIC, KYH, KYS

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